Another day, as the day progress the level of anticipation grows, and the will to become better increases,everyday there’s an overwhelming desire to become more knowledgable as a graphic artist. In life we will all as a G.A. will strive to reach the level of excellence in our field,and the more time put in, the more the reward in receiving what is needed and desired.


The ability to accomplish what is needed to succeed in the field of graphic designing is a mind thinking process of paths and directions that one have to take every day,in class we are learning about the ends and outs of graphic arts,the ins and outs,that what we can do, and about all the things that we should not do,being mindful of your work can show a client exactly what they want,to do with out a whole lot of corrections having to be made before the final project is completed,being a good graphic designer is like being a successful comedian, like having a third eye so to speak, meaning,being able to see what is unseen by others when you are designing,and at the end when all is said and done,all can see the wonderfulness that has been created.

The concept of graphic design,imagery and even photography can be a challenge for some,some people think out of the box and some are even boarder thinkers, meaning that they can only see at a certain level of design and can’t see that which is hidden and yet to bee seen,like see that which exist behind the close door,seeing,understanding and utilizing what’s there,capture and create from it,you must know how to seize the moment at hand,being a graphic designer you can capture an audience,transform their attention in the direction you want them to focus in,being a graphic designer is nearly being like a leader and guider,meaning you can lead people where you want their focus and attention and guide them where to continue to look,being a graphic designer is like a production of a movie, being the director,writer,producer,directing where they are to look,watching focused at what was done,and being the one that created what was done to capture their undivided attention.

Being a graphic designer you can create things like no one have ever even imagined could ever exist in life,you can create things that your mind and your mind along possess,because what you see on one else may never ever see, if so they never may see it as clear as you do,graphic designer are ones that open up the eyes of the world to new and wonder possibilities that only did exist in the mind of sleepers and dreamers,some that may have had an idea but never able to conform it into open vision so others would be able to see it,with all that is available in doing today using graphic design you can become one of the best at what you do,because you can even discover things new along the way,wisdom and knowledge is needed to do and understand what you are doing, as well as well as trying to accomplish.

COLORS, colors are a way to speak to people when applying them to graphic arts,bold colors can open up the mind of viewers,as well as the type of letters that you use ( fonts ),you can write a word by using plain and simple letters and some will read it, but by using unique lettering many people will be attracted even more to the letters and will be willing to read what’s written, just because of the form of lettering that was used to create it,different different minds create different things,because no two minds are alike and what one will do,another can take that thing that was don,and create something the previous designer would have never dreamed of doing before,this is one of the beauties of computer graphic designing.

Graphic designers,like creators of cartoon scripts animated programs as well as commercials,computer graphics are found in nearly every thing today,like creating of adds, posters,bill boards and even photography,you can see many types and forms of graphic work,being in books and magazines or on television, the ability to create using graphics are a way to express yourself in many ways with out even saying a word,you can create an image in such a way, without a word or even a letter to accompany the image that you created, you can make it speak for itself,and make a number of people to hear something different every time,graphics capture the mind of people every where,and every time you will always receive a different reaction as well as comment on what he/she or they are viewing.

Graph designing,a field that can open many doors, I have always wanted to be a success at this,but I come to understand the mental focus that’s needed to do what is needed to be done,as a graphic designer you have to able to do what is needed to be done at the drop of the hat at times, so to speak, but with the right focus and drive you can accomplish a lot as a graphic designer, everyday you will need to keep in mind that things change,even as a student here, I have witnessed how things can change all of a sudden, and you have to be ready to conform to each and every change, computer graphic design, a wonder field a be a part of.

Before I became a student here at Keiser I always had a desire to learn computer graphics, and by enrolling here, I have been given the chance to understand and learn some thing that I have always wanted to do,but I had no idea of the true seriousness of the material that is need to know as well as the knowledge needed to be a success in what you are trying to accomplish,I have found it a challenge in learning the material as well as understand how to grasp the know how, but being here everyday, you’re given what is needed to learn and understand what is needed to be done,while being a student here I have read and heard about thing in the field of graphic designing that I have never knew existed.

It’s a daily treat to be able to enter class everyday, and learn new and wonderful things in an atmosphere where everyone has a merry heart, as well as a cheerful spirit, understanding HTML as well as about transcending CSS, things that will be a good practice to know and possess when learning the craft of being a computer graphic designer, engineer, or what ever the title may be that one may claim, working with platforms such as Illustrator, Dreamweaver CS5 and so many others, provides a true learning experience, learning a craft that is wonderful and pleasing,and so fulfilling ,it makes you take the world and subdue it for yourself, but truly, working and learning the ability to be able to create using computer graphics, there’s nothing else like it.

Hands  on  projects  has  been  a  way  to  add in  the  perfecting  of  your  Graphic  skills, learning  how  to  create  media  and  web  designs, with  the  creation  of  numerous  folders  that  you  create, you  can  store  your  ideas, as  well  as  the  designs  that  you  have   laid  out, modified  and  those  that  you  have  for  case  studies. with  the  focus  on  web  design, there  are  many  ways  to  color  schemes, code  applications  and  styles  for  page  footers  that  you  can  configure  color  backgrounds. As  a  web  designer, you  learn  how  to  configure  lines  and  boarders  using  visual  elements. With  various  types  of  graphics, you  can  make  pages  compelling  and  engaging, with  new  web  formats, you  can  create  graphic  files  that  commonly  uses  GIF,IPEG, and  PNG  on  the  web. Learning  image  elements, elements  that  you  can  configure, with  the  use  of  graphics  and  visual  elements.